A Role Of Nimbpatradi Varti (Vikeshika)And Jatyadi Tail Varti (Vikeshika)In The Management Of Gudavidradhi W.S.R. To Perianal Abscess



  • Hari Shankar
  • Mahesh Dixit Principal & HOD ,PG Dept. ofShalya Tantra; M.M.M. Govt. Ayurveda College, Udaipur (Raj.)
  • Hari Mohan Meena Professor PG Dept. ofShalya Tantra; M.M.M. Govt. Ayurveda College, Udaipur (Raj.)
  • Namo Narayan Meena Associate Professor (PG Dept. ofShalya Tantra); M.M.M. Govt. Ayurveda College, Udaipu




Vidradhi, Gudavidradhi, Perianal abscess, Nimbpatradi Varti (Vikeshika), Jatyadi Tail Varti (Vikeshika)


An abscess is a collection of pus in the body. Abscesses can occur everywhere in the body. Acharya Charaka defines Vidradhi as “Sheeghra Vidahitvat” meaning once originated will cause Vidhava symbolizing its virulent nature. A pus accumulation beyond the anal verge is known as a perianal abscess. They can arise as a result of a skin infection or as a side effect of an anal gland infection (crypto-glandular). Aacharya Sushruta has delineated Gudavidradhi under Abhyantar Vidradhi. Gudavidrdhi is classified as Abhyantar Vidradhi by Acharya Sushruta; Vidradhi remains as a localized painful condition with all the characteristics of Vranashotha, including throbbing pain and a proclivity for early suppuration. If Vidradhi develops Pakvaavstha, according to Acharya Sushruta, the first line of treatment is to drain pus through Bhedana Karma and then treat it as a Vrana. This study aims at determining the need of packing of wound created by perianal abscess after incision and drainage. Along with this objective this study determines the efficacy of prominently used Nimbpatradi Varti (Vikeshika) and Jatyadi Tail Varti (Vikeshika) in aiding wound healing process to determine which one is better. In this study 30 patients were selected randomly, were divided into two Groups 15 patients in each Group, Group A (abscess cavity packed with Nimbpatradi Varti (Vikeshika)), and Group B (abscess cavity packed with Jatyadi Tail Varti (Vikeshika)). The results show that packing allows for appropriate drainage and that the abscess cavity heals without complications. Finally, the abscess cavity's healing time can be reduced, implying that wound packing is required following incision and drainage (I&D). When the results of Group A and Group B are compared, it is clear that Nimbpatradi Varti (Vikeshika) woundhealing ability is better to that of Jatyadi Tail Varti (Vikeshika).


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Shankar, H. ., Dixit, M. ., Meena, H. M. ., & Meena, N. N. (2021). A Role Of Nimbpatradi Varti (Vikeshika)And Jatyadi Tail Varti (Vikeshika)In The Management Of Gudavidradhi W.S.R. To Perianal Abscess: DOI:-https://doi.org/10.47223/IRJAY.2021.4909. International Research Journal of Ayurveda & Yoga, 4(9), 68–77. https://doi.org/10.47223/IRJAY.2021.4909

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