Ayurvedic Management of Thalassemia Major (Beeja Dushtijanya Pandu) As An Adjuvant Therapy - A Case Study

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47223/IRJAY.2021.4914


  • Uganta Meena P.G.Scholar,KaumarbhrityaDepartmentITRA, Jamnagar,Gujarat,India
  • Kori V K AssociateprofessorofKaumarbhrityaDepartmentITRA, Jamnagar,Gujarat,India




Beejadushtijanya Pandu, Thalassemia Major, Gandhakadi Yogawith Pippali


Introduction: Thalassemia is a gathering of acquired issues of hemoglobin combination that outcomes from an adjustment in the pace of globin chain creation and unusual amalgamation of the globin chains of hemoglobin. In Ayurveda, infection like Thalassemia isn't portrayed, however in light of applied Children brought into the world with Thalassemia major typically creates serious weakness, insufficient erythropoiesis, jaundice and haemosiderosis which brings about greenish earthy colored appearance. The cutting edge clinical administration of Thalassemia is blood bonding (BT) treatment, the main treatment with haemosiderosis (iron over-burden) as an inconvenience. Iron chelators utilized in current medication are exorbitant and related with antagonistic medication responses. Understanding, it very well might be perceived as a Beejadoshajanya, Adibala pravritta and Sahaja vyadhi and classification instituted as Beejadushtijanya Pandu. It tends to be perceived that Pitta Pradhana Tridosha influences the elements of Raktavaha srotasa and eventually the course of arrangement of Rakta Dhatu is influenced and brings about Raktavikriti.

Materials and methods: A Case study on 11-year-old male child who have been diagnosed Thalassemia major. His complaint was severe anemia and he was on regular blood transfusion every 30 days, liver and spleen enlarged, and the serum iron and serum ferritin values were above normal limits according to investigation.

Observation and Result: At the end of three months of therapy, his blood report and the symptoms of the disease showed very promising results.

Conclusion: This case study revealed that Gandhakadi Yoga with Pippali is effective in Beejadoshajanya Pandu (Thalassemia major). Marked improvement was found in subjective and observed parameters.


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