Clinical Evaluation of Bilvadi Yogain the Management of Grahani Roga.



  • Namartha Raina Assistant Professor Dept of Swasthvrit & Yoga Jammu Institute of Ayurveda & Research, Jammu
  • Rajesh sharma Medical officer Govt of J&K



Grahni, Yoga, Ayurveda


Grahani is related to Agni which helps in digestion of food. The pathogenies of Grahani Rog works around Agni Dosha which is associated with the improper food habits along with stressful life style; people initially neglect these problems and don’t take any medication. This is a functional disorder characterized by alteration in the bowel habits, discomfort, bloating, abdominal pain without any organic cause. These symptoms resemble with the symptoms of Grahani Rog described in Ayurvedic texts. This article is about clinical evaluation of Bilvadi yoga in the management of Grahani Rog. Patients can be diagnosed with Grahani Rog on the basis of: Patients with complaints of Muhurbadh or Drava mala pravriti, Aruchi, Udara shool, Vishtamba etc. were selected for study. Most of ingredients of this yoga have qualities like to Agni Dirgani Ama, Pachana anti spasmodic and anti diarrhoeal and anti inflammatory properties.


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Raina, N. ., & sharma, R. . (2021). Clinical Evaluation of Bilvadi Yogain the Management of Grahani Roga.: DOI: International Research Journal of Ayurveda & Yoga, 4(12), 21–28.