Role of Yoga And Meditation In Achieving Resilience in COVID-19



  • Chander Shekhar Sharma Professor, Department of Kayachikitsa, Dayanand Ayurvedic college, Jalandhar, Punjab
  • Amrita Sharma Physician, lifestyle counselor, yoga Physiologist, Spiritual healer Ex. Assistant Professor, Department of Dravyaguna, Dayanand Ayurvedic college, Jalandhar, Punjab



Yoga, meditation, COVID-19, Pandemic, Quarantine.


A global covid-19 pandemic is clearly a distressing event. People react to such events in different ways; with some reactions having a more detrimental effect than others on a person’s quality of life. Pandemic has led to a significant increase in the number of mental health issues. The state of the mind and that of the body are in timely related( Vishaado Rogvardhnam).The classical yoga includes ethical disciplines, different physical postures, breath control and meditation. Apart from the physical benefits, Yoga encourages a refreshing mood, a rise in mindfulness, and a healthy dose of selfcompassion. As yoga combines several techniques used for stress reduction, it is often said to supply the combined benefits of breathing exercises, stretching exercises, fitness programs, meditation practice in one technique. Yoga has multi-dimensional positive effects that improve muscle strengths, flexibility, blood circulation and oxygen uptake as well as hormone function. Additionally the relief induced by meditation helps to stabilize the autonomic nervous system with parasympathetic dominance. Yoga , an ancient mind-body technique, is defined as Samatyam(homeostasis) at both mind and body levels to be achieved through mastery over the modification of the mind( Chittavrittinirodhah). The COVID-19 pandemic has posed several challenges to the health care system. By inducing stress resilience, breathing exercises enables us to rapidly and compassionately relieve many sorts of suffering. This paper describes role of Yoga, meditation and Prananyam on sustaining physical, spiritual and psychological health and to overcome adverse effects arising out due to COVID-19 pandemic


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Sharma, C. S., & Sharma, A. (2020). Role of Yoga And Meditation In Achieving Resilience in COVID-19: DOI: International Research Journal of Ayurveda & Yoga, 3(9), 51–70.