A Study on the Role of Asraya-Asrayee Bhava Sambandhain the Genesis of Sandhivataw.s.r Shleshaka Kapha

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47223/IRJAY.2022.5110


  • Amardeep Kour Specialist NAM,Govt.Ayurvedic Hospital, Jammu
  • Lotika Bharti Medical officer,Govt.Ayurvedic Hospital ,Jammu




Asraya –Asrayee bhava, Sandhivata.,Shleshaka kapha


Asraya-Asrayee bhava sambandhameans relation between Asraya(seat)  and Asrayee (seated). In my survey study Asthi Sandhiis the Asrayai.e. Seat and Vata and Kaphaare Asrayeei.e.  Seated.  Sandhivata occurs when Shleshaka  Kaphadecreases and Vataincreases and hence gets seated in Sandhi. In my survey study I have found that due to various reasons and due to ageing there is an increase in Vata accompanied by a decrease in Shleshaka Kapha. In the  survey conducted on  60  patients  51  were  having Rukshta,27  were  having Antardaha,  56  were having Sleshmashayashuna,57  were  having Sandhishaithilya,  10  were  having Bhrama,14 were having Hridadrava and 36 were having Daurbalya.This shows there was Kapha Kshayain all the patients of Sandhivata. Vakparushyais seen in 18 patients., Karshya is seen in 19 patients, Karshnyais seen in 12 patients, Gatrasphurana is seen in 34 patients, Ushnakamitais  seen  in  40  patients., Nidranashais seen in 19 patients, Alpabalais seen in 40 patients, Gadavarchais seen in 15 patients, Anahais seen in 12 patients, Indriyabhramsha is seen in 14 patients, Pralapais seen in 5 patients, Dinatais seen in 8 patients and Bhramais seen in 15 patients. This shows that there is Vata dosha prakopain Sandhivata. Sandhivataoccurs when Vatavitiates and gets seated in Sandhi where Shleshaka Kaphais also present. And vitiated Vata will cause decrease of Shleshaka Kapha.Because both the Dosha"sis having opposite Gunas. And Vridhi of one Dosha will  leads  to Kshayaof  another  Dosha  resulting  in  the  diseased  state  called Sandhivata).In  this  research  article  describe  the  role of  asraya-asrayee  bhava sambandhain the genesis of sandhivata w.s.r shleshaka kapha.


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Kour, A., & Bharti, L. (2022). A Study on the Role of Asraya-Asrayee Bhava Sambandhain the Genesis of Sandhivataw.s.r Shleshaka Kapha: DOI: https://doi.org/10.47223/IRJAY.2022.5110. International Research Journal of Ayurveda & Yoga, 5(1), 70–78. https://doi.org/10.47223/IRJAY.2022.5110