Ayurveda Management of Bipolar Affective Disorder –A Case Study

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47223/IRJAY.2022.5112


  • Anjali A PG scholar Manovigyan Avum Manasroga Department of Kayachikitsa VPSV Ayurveda college , Kottakkal Malappuram, Kerala
  • Satheesh K Associate professor Department of Kayachikitsa VPSV Ayurveda college, Kottakkal Malappuram, Kerala




Bipolar affective disorder, HAM A Scale, HAM D Scale, Āyurveda, Srotośodhana


Bipolar Affective disorder (BPAD) earlier known as manic depressive psychosis (MDP)  is  a  major  psychiatric  disorder  all  around  the  world,  which  is  mainly characterized  by  frequent  and  recurrent  episodes  of  mania,  hypomania,  and depression.  A majority of complete aetiology or pathogenesis of BPAD is unknown.  As per Ayurveda, Bipolar affective Disorder shows symptoms as mentioned in unmada. In unmada, there is significant impairment in the domains of manas, buddhi, samjnajnana, smrti, bhakti, sila, cesta, as well as acara.Many of the nidanamentioned in unmada like  virudha, dussta, asuci bhojana, bhaya, mano  abhighata, visama cestacan  be  identified  as  the  triggering  factors  in Bipolar  affective  Disorder. A  18  year  old  female  presented  inthe  OPD  with increased  worries  especially  in  the  evening,  hopelessness  regarding her  future, increased anger and sadness, occasional impulsivity , symptoms can be merely correlated with kaphajonmada with anubandha of pitta. Internally she was given medicines   to   manage   her   depression   and   anxiety.   She   was   also   advised procedures like Takrapanafollowed by uttamamatra snehapanawas done as a sodhana therapy following Abhyankar and usma sweda. Thereafter virecana, nasya sirodhara and talapotichil.  During  this time  she  was  also  subjected  to meditation   and    counselling    techniques    as    well.The    patient    responded satisfactorily  to  the  treatment and her  symptoms  improved significantly.  There was marked reduction in her pessimistic attitude.  HAM D scale score before treatment was 21 while it reduced to 10 after treatment. Also the HAM a scale score before treatment was 15 while it reduced to 8 after treatment.


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