An Ayurvedic Approach in the Management of Adenomyosis W.S.R Vataja asrigdara – A Case Report

DOI: 10.47223/IRJAY.2023.61009




Adenomyosis, Ayurvedic Interventions, Matra Basti, Raktapitta Chikita, Vataja asrigdara


Introduction: Many women experience various menstrual problems in their lives and adenomyosis is one of them. Adenomyosis is when the endometrial tissue grows within the muscular wall of the uterus. It forms a distinct nodular cluster of smooth muscle and endometrial glands, leading to the thickening of the surrounding myometrium. This condition is often associated with heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding and dysmenorrhea. Although adenomyosis is not directly correlated with any disease in Ayurveda, based on symptoms such as Theevra vedana, shyava Aruna varuna Artava, and kati Vedana, it mostly simulates with Vataja asrigdara.

Methodology: A 39-year-old married female visited to the Outpatient Department of Prasuti Tantra Evam Stri Roga at SKGAC & H, Kurukshetra, with complaints of pain during menstruation, dull aching pain in the lower abdomen along with heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) per vagina with the passage of clots in menses for 3 months. She was supposed to be treated with an Ayurvedic line of management. Ayurvedic treatments can be very beneficial in relieving the symptoms of adenomyosis and improving the overall health of the patient.

Results: The patient was given three cycles of Matra Basti for three consecutive before the menstrual cycle along with oral Ayurvedic medicines. The treatment given shows noticeable progress in HMB and dysmenorrhea. The outcome of the study is very positive.

Discussion: The present study emphasized the role of Ayurveda in bringing positive results in the management of

Conclusion: In this case study we can conclude that ayurvedic intervention are effective in treating Adenomyosis and
require further studies for longer periods and larger sample size.


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