Management Of Varicose Veins : An Ayurvedic Review


  • Akshay Suden Associate professor, Department of Shalya Tantra , Kalawati Ayurvedic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Gorah, Kasganj, UP-207123



Raktmokshana , Siravedha ,Varicose veins, Yoga Asanas, Diet Regime


Varicose veins is a chronic disease, commonly afflicting the lower limbs, particularly the persons in higher age group, engaged in arduous work, or in prolonged standing jobs, etc. The disease management options available with the modern system are manifold, but none provides an easy and assured permanent cure. Further, no medicinal treatments are available, only immunity boosting drugs are prescribed to build up immune system of the blood, etc. As against this, the Ayurvedic system has well documented medications available on this front. The Siraja Granthi, Siragata Vata & Vata-Rakta rogas of Ayurveda resemble very closely to Varicose Veins. These rogas are manageable with Raktmokshana through Siravedha or Leech therapy along with internal and external medications. An assessment of the management strategies being made currently against this disease has been made to cull out the weaknesses and shortcomings in the existing options, with a view to suggest suitable ways & means to overcome them and improve upon their performance. These are briefly outlined below : The Ayurvedic Siraja Granthi & Siragata Vata rogas are synonymous with the modern system disease of varicose veins. Raktamokshana is the primary Ayurvedic medication against Varicose Veins. Raktamokshana through Jalauka Avacharana is the preferred option on account of its simplicity, ease, etc., but that it alone is not enough. Prescription of secondary medications i.e. internal and external medications is essential for securing an enduring cure. Internal & external medications are often needed to be continued longer than found in the articles reviewed, of course depending upon the signs and symptoms of the patient. External medications should include Yoga Asanas, especially the Viparita Karani Asana on a regular basis. Recommendation of Diet Regime, Dos and do not Dos should be included in the prescriptions. Modern system based treatments of varicose veins have many side effects apart from higher chances of recurrence, etc. The studies reported in the review are mainly case studies, even the other few ones required prolonging of the treatment schedule, etc. Lastly, conduct of just case studies would not lead to anywhere. Institutional, statistically well planned project base studies are required to be conducted to come out with adoptable findings.


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