Role Of Madya In Anaesthesia



  • Dr. Gupteshwar Sonawane HOD of Surgery Department, KVTR Ayurved College, Boradi



Sandnyanash, Alcohol, Surgery, Anesthesia, Madya


Sandnyanash is very important concept regarding surgery. Not a single surgical intervention or procedures can be imagined without anesthesia. Sushruta samhita the classical ayurvedic literature written by acharya Sushruta described the various surgical instruments, their utility as well as different procedures of surgery along with plastic surgery. The description of sandnyanash is not described in details in sushruta samhita as well as other classical literatures. Sushruta is also called as the 1st founder of surgery and father of plastic surgery. Various surgical procedures can not be done without the use of sandnyanash(anesthesia) in ancient time too. But the description of Sandnyanash in the ancient text is not in details. It is one of the reason why the modern surgical knowledge have been so developed and how the Ayurvedic surgeries lag behind in this era of diseases. Anesthesia (sandnyanash) has play a very crucial role in the surgery from thousands years. Acharya Charak, Sushruta, Vaghbata proposed that madya has very important role in sandnyanash as a pain relieving medicine which is thoroughly matched with the anaesthetic effect of the alcohol. The present review paper is the effort to show the role of madya(alcohol) in sandnyanash or anesthesia.




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