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Policy Instruction


Plagiarism is the act of using another person’s same contents or ideas without giving credit to that person. The authors are strictly advised not to indulge in any form of plagiarism. If the content is found to be plagiarised, the Editor and the journal committee will take a serious action in the regard and the author will be responsible for the entire manuscript. . IRJAY is a sponsored member of CrossCheck by CrossRef and iThenticate. iThenticate is a plagiarism screening service that verifies the originality of content submitted before publication. iThenticate checks submission against millions of published research papers and billions of web contents . All the articles submitted at IRJAY usually go for a plagiarism check through iThenticate .

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Authors Right

Authors submitting their articles to IRJAY should submit the copy right form. They are however not allowed to republish the same article in other media without citing properly that the article is originally published at IRJAY. The finally published article as it appears on the journal's website may also be posted at personal blogs, university and institutional websites or on personal websites with proper citation referring to its original publication at IRJAY

Digital Archiving policy.

we are the member of CLOCKSS/LOCKSS and use its digital archiving system and adhere to their policy.

Who We Are

International Research Journal of Ayurveda & Yoga (IRJAY) is an international peer reviewed monthly open access online journal. This journal provide platform for PG scholars teachers and researchers to publish their good & quality work

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